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Best Fillet Knife for Fish

The best fillet knife for fish is a vital tool for perfectly portioned fish because it has numerous uses. It is fantastic no longer just for filleting fish delicately but also for dressing an entire fish, which includes putting off the pinnacle, tail, and fins. It also works wonders for effectively casting off the pores and skin and extracting fillets. Although fishmongers frequently use those blades, domestic chefs who opt to seize their fish or purchase it completely also can benefit from them.

Our enormous knife testing program at the Good Housekeeping Institute includes trying out an extensive variety of blades, such as electric, butcher, bread, Japanese, and chef knives. Our checking out focuses on home consumer demands with the aid of assigning tasks that can be consultants of usual kitchen situations. 

Critical factors like consolation, cleanability, sharpness, and part retention are assessed. Regarding fish fillet knives, we test them by slicing tomatoes to decide the sharpness of the blades and filleting entire fish in addition to disposing of the pores and skin from a salmon piece. You can rely upon us that help you choose the great fillet knife for fish so you can put together seafood with accuracy and performance.

Top best fillet knife for fish

Best Fillet Knife for Fish in 2024 – Review

Fish fillet knives come in several sizes, normally between five and 9 inches, and patterns to fulfil more than a few necessities. Most have lengthy, skinny blades which might be sharp and bendy, which makes them best for fillets and smaller, extra delicate fish. But there are also variations with sturdy, sturdy blades that are extra suitable for managing larger fish.

These knives have straight or curved blades, and each has a wonderful characteristic. Long, fluid strokes are made easier with curved blades, taking into account precise and tidy cuts. The blade’s flexibility is available in very available even when navigating round bones.

Conversely, stronger and more angular blades paint properly for peeling fillets and doing away with the pinnacle and tail. They also can be used for everyday meat cutting.

We evaluated the effectiveness of fish fillet knives by taking into account some of the parameters throughout the trying-out procedure. We additionally offer useful recommendations on things to remember before making a fish fillet knife purchase. We additionally answer frequently asked topics, such as how lengthy a fish fillet knife ought to be.

Cangshan TC Series 7-inch Fillet Knife and Leather Sheath Set


  • Blade Length: 7
  • Blade Material: Swedish Steel

Cangshan knives are no longer most effective in utilizing their remarkable visible attraction and additionally utilizing their extremely good performance, which is supported with the aid of their tremendous consequences in our large checking out. Notably, the 6-piece Tai Knife Set from Cangshan received the esteemed Kitchen Gear Award, demonstrating its excellent exceptional and fantastic sharpness.

This set is flexible making it one of the best fillet knife for fish, which is executed rather properly, receiving pinnacle rankings for all assessment classes. It sliced flawlessly while slicing tomatoes and expertly eliminated the pores and skin from a huge wild salmon fillet all through our checks, producing perfectly clean slices. Its incredible capability to eliminate fins from a whole black sea bass was validated with the aid of our tester, demonstrating its adaptability in filleting and fish practice.

This Cangshan fish fillet knife is made even more appealing with the aid of the addition of a leather sheath, which offers comfort and value.

This brilliant knife is made even more transportable by employing the sheath’s clean belt attachment layout, which makes it very handy for any culinary endeavours. A sophisticated layout, first-rate performance, and well-taken-into-consideration accessories make the Cangshan fish fillet knife an awesome choice for discriminating culinary connoisseurs.

Best Fillet Knife for Fish


  • Has a sporting sheath product leather-based
  • Carried out admirably in tests


  • Because the handle lacks substance, it could become slick in the rain.

Wüsthof Classic 7″ Fillet Knife


  • Blade Length: 7
  • Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel

Wusthof knives have a nicely-deserved reputation considering they automatically vicinity first in our huge knife testing. Being German knives, they’re widely known for being sturdy and sharp, which ensures durability and fantastic overall performance. The fish fillet knife upholds the logo’s dedication to perfection while exemplifying the greatness of the Wüsthof Classic variety.

This knife’s full tang creation, wherein the blade runs the complete duration of the handle, provides perfect hand stability. In addition to enhancing sturdiness, the bolster—the point where the blade and handle meet—additionally encourages a company grip, which makes it easier to control the blade precisely for unique cuts.

Wusthof knives are the best fillet knife for fish renowned for their fantastic cutting ability; in our checks, they were capable of cutting through tomatoes conveniently and conveying paper-skinny slices. We may not have evaluated this unique fish fillet knife on this spherical, however, Wusthof knives’ reliable performance allows us to declare them our pinnacle pick universal. The fish fillet knife’s thin factor makes it easier to cut via fish and sensitive bones, and its perfect period guarantees clean cuts and effective fillet pores and skin elimination. The Wusthof fish fillet knife is a representation of the agency’s willpower to both capability and fine.

Best Fillet Knife for Fish


  • The design encourages a proper grip
  • Flexible, but no longer too sensitive


  • Pricey

Shun Classic Flexible Fillet Knife 7″


  • Blade Length: 7
  • Blade Material: Alloy Steel

The Japanese fish fillet knife from Shun gives an extra bendy alternative to the previous version, which became extra inflexible. Like its stiff sibling, this knife is extraordinarily sharp and executed noticeably properly in every test we ran. It was able to reduce through a tomato effortlessly and do away with the pinnacle, fins, and fillets from a whole fish with smooth performance. The tester mainly emphasised the gain of its flexibility, pointing out that it progressed the knife’s capability to more without difficulty manoeuvre around bones.

This Shun knife is longer than the 6-inch models, measuring 7 inches, so it is more beneficial for handling large fish fillets, particularly when peeling them. Its sleek and stylish shape upholds the signature of Shun knife handles. Although it can appear a touch thin and slippery to some, our tester showed that it’s far nonetheless exceptional to hold, allowing cooks to have a corporation grip for maximum management whilst using. For those searching for extraordinary performance in fish guidance, the Shun Japanese fish fillet knife is a reliable and adaptable device due to its clever layout factors, flexibility, and precision.

Best Fillet Knife for Fish


  • Trimmed fish properly
  • Length facilitates making it suitable for a few larger fish


  • Handle can grow to be slippery whilst wet

Gerber Gear Controller


  • Blade Length: 8
  • Blade Material: 9cr stainless steel

Choosing fish fillet knives made mainly for saltwater use is essential because steel is liable to corrosion from salt through the years. To cope with this difficulty, Gerber Gear’s Controller is built with the usage of an alloy metallic this is well-known for its power, sturdiness, and more corrosion resistance as compared to different knife steel varieties.

In addition to being extremely long-lasting, the Controller’s blade is somewhat bendy, which will increase its usefulness for several filleting applications. We haven’t used this unique knife in character, however, its unique features make it well worth thinking of. The knife has a big plastic handle with rubber grips that provide a sturdy, certain grip it is especially beneficial even when using it outdoors. 

It’s critical to observe that the bulkiness of the handle can be attention for kitchen use, wherein an extra streamlined shape is generally favoured.

The Controller sticks out even more from the competition because of its defensive finger, which reduces slickness in damp settings—an important feature for workers in humid surroundings. It’s additionally a pleasant touch that a plastic blade cover is blanketed. In addition to presenting protection, this cowl has vents and an honing rod to hold moisture from gathering and constructing up, which prolongs the knife’s lifespan and calls for less preservation. When seeking out a fish fillet knife made in particular to be used in saltwater, Gerber Gear’s Controller stands out as an appealing alternative because it combines a robust construct with beneficial layout capabilities.

Best Fillet Knife for Fish


  • Strong and durable
  • Oversized take care of for steady grip


  • Bulky for the indoor customer

Shun Classic Boning & Fillet Knife 6”


Blade Length: 6

Blade Material: Alloy Steel

Among our series of Japanese knives, shan knives are a perennial preferred due to their razor-sharp, slender blades. Through testing, we were able to determine that this particular Shun fish fillet knife embodies these attributes. Our tester gave it pinnacle marks for being relatively sharp and agile. It most impressively confirmed its accuracy by developing “surgically thin” tomato slices simply and without inflicting any unwanted smashing.

This knife’s curved shape and thin, notably sturdy blade laboured properly together to offer outstanding consequences. It made it less complicated to slice through the meat with lengthy, flowing strokes, generating fillets that were perfectly portioned. 

The knife becomes additionally pretty appropriate at cleaning removing the skin from a salmon fillet and getting rid of the tail from an entire fish.

This knife’s quite triangular handle, which is supposed to assist with exact grip, provides its particular features. Our tester did factor out that it may be a bit slippery, so it is crucial to handle it cautiously. Notwithstanding this small element, the Shun fish fillet knife’s usual performance demonstrates its ability to provide correct cuts and powerful filleting, making it a noteworthy option for those searching out Japanese knives with extraordinary craftsmanship.

Best Fillet Knife for Fish


  • Cleanly removed fillets from fish
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for larger fish

What to Look for When Buying the Best Fillet Knife for Fish?

✔️ Indoor vs. Outdoor Use: Consider the meant use—whether it’s for the kitchen or outside activities. For outside use, opt for a rugged layout with features like an outsized handle, slip-resistant grip, robust blade, and defensive covering. Thinner, polished blades with sensitive handles are better acceptable for kitchen use.

✔️ Electric vs. Non-Electric: Electric knives offer strength for less difficult filleting but can be bulky and require an electrical outlet. Non-electric knives provide a more managed cutting revel, require sharpness renovation, and are simpler to shop.

✔️ Blade Length: Choose a blade length based totally on the kind of fish and desired management. Smaller blades (around 5-7 inches) paint nicely for smaller fish, providing extra manipulation, while longer blades (9 inches) are appropriate for large fish and efficient reduction.

✔️ Material: Look for knives crafted from alloy metallic for sturdiness, sturdiness, and corrosion resistance. Alloy metallic blades are known for their strength and lasting pleasant.

✔️ Flexibility: Decide on the level of flexibility primarily based on your wishes. Flexible blades are perfect for delicate cuts and complicated manoeuvring, even as sturdier blades are higher for obligations regarding pores skin and bones.

✔️ Blade Width and Design: Thin and curved blades are common for fish fillet knives. Thinness affords flexibility, making them suitable for sensitive fish, even as the curve facilitates sweeping strokes for simpler filleting.

✔️ Handle: Consider taking care of cloth and ergonomics. Choose one that feels comfortable and stable to your hand. Polished handles ease cleansing, even as textured plastic or rubber grips beautify security. Thicker handles provide a less attackable grip, while thinner ones offer extra manipulation for precision.

By keeping these elements in mind, you may make an informed selection whilst deciding on the right fish fillet knife for your particular wishes.


Q: What are the best fish fillet knife used for?

Fish fillet knives are designed for breaking down fish, filleting, and casting off skin from fish fillets. With skinny and often curved blades, they offer extra precision round bones compared to chef’s knives. Due to less common use, they generally tend to stay sharper longer, making them ideal for delicate fillet paintings.

Q: How do you sharpen fish fillet knives?

Most non-serrated knives, along with fish fillet knives, can be sharpened with the use of a whetstone or knife sharpener. Due to their thinner and more bendy blades, some may additionally discover it challenging. If uncertain, the use of an expert knife sharpener is a secure choice. When sprucing at domestic, seek advice from the producer for the appropriate blade angle, as Western and Japanese knives may additionally have special specifications.

Q: How to test the Best Fillet Knife for fish?

We begin by discovering famous choices and contacting applicable businesses for insights. In our lab, we investigate knife features, specializing in consolation all through use. Filleting a black bass gauges effectiveness, and tasks include head, tail, and fins removal, in addition to particular fillet extraction. Skin elimination from a salmon fillet and tomato cutting test sharpness. Post-use, knives are cleaned, and we display them for rust or put them on. This comprehensive technique ensures suggestions align with both marketed functions and actual-world performance for realistic domestic cooking needs.