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Best bass fishing rods

Discover the best bass fishing rods for superior performance and maximum catch potential. Find the perfect rod to reel in your next trophy bass!


Opting for the best bass fishing rod tailor-made to particular scenarios entails a customized approach. An angler’s physique, desired line, and fishing vicinity warrant considerate attention. Financial constraints are good sized; a higher price tag would not guarantee an advanced suit. It’s essential to recognize that certain factors of rods, like courses, handles, and wrapping, may ability weak factors, impacting performance when the possibility arises to land a substantial trap.

Moreover, despite finely crafted rods, incorrect techniques may also lessen their effectiveness. For example, a deep cranking rod should flex correctly for the duration of a fish’s chunk, while a flipping stick should strike stability with lightness and power. Neither excels at delicately presenting bait on mild strains. Anglers only sometimes require an in-depth array of rods for success; instead, numerous exquisite options are critical.

Over the past year, we’ve evaluated various bass fishing rods across extraordinary locales, from our domestic base in Virginia to confronting ambitious bass in Mexico and pursuing smallmouth bass in the Midwest. These insights come from dedicated individuals who, even as sometimes pushing their tools to the restriction, approach bass fishing with unwavering dedication.

The best bass fishing rod

While we might not always be the most discerning anglers, our commitment to intense fishing and rugged equipment usage sets us aside. Distinguishing between a 7-foot 2-inch and a 7-foot 3-inch rod with identical primary movement might not be intrusive to us in a shop placing. The key for us is getting out on the water, wherein the occasional loss of a fish imparts valuable training that surpasses the expertise won from a hit catch. The breakdown occurs when we realize a rod is ineffective or doesn’t complement the reel and line selection.

For example, a flipping stick may lack the strength to extract a bass from a thick cluster of hydrilla; simultaneously, a cranking stick might not provide the precise bend required. If the rod length had been just an inch longer, we might have efficaciously passed a Senko and delved a few toes deeper into a deliver slip. Our failure charges extraordinarily decrease while we start casting off rods from our arsenal. The “last guy status” transforms into a reliable, exceptional buddy, showcasing the significance of choosing the high-quality bass fishing rod for the job.

Best Bass Fishing Rod – Reviews & Recommendations

Shimano Expride B 7’2” MH 

Key Features

  • 7 feet 2 inches 
  • Both graphite and composite models are available
  • Split grip cork and carbon monocoque handle
  • Nine guides plus a tip

This rod has been verified to be an exceptional “utility player” on days while we plan to cowl numerous water; however aren’t sure whether the trap—a buzzbait, lipless crankbait, vibrating jig, or every other shifting entice—will paintings high-quality. Keeping one or two of those rods on the boat’s deck enables us to speedy modify the converting situations, switching the lures when the want arises or the fish express their alternatives. Although highly priced, the value is justified using the device’s adaptability to many situations. This rod has probably helped us catch more bass this year than another model.

We endorse the composite model for individuals who generally tend to tug triggers speedily or use braid. However, the graphite model is a superb option in case you are an affected person or use fluorocarbon or monofilament more often. This rod is an excellent alternative for active days in the water due to its versatility and possibilities in graphite or composite, which fit many angler tastes and styles.

G.Loomis IMX Pro 844C

Key Features

  • 7 feet
  • ¼ to 1-ounce lures
  • Full-grip cork handles
  • 11 guides plus a tip

G.Loomis turned into one of the first premium, one of the best bass fishing rods and the IMX Series has long been our workhorse. We haven’t made predominant modifications through the years because we haven’t had to, but the diffused iterations hold it at the vanguard of best and versatility. 

While this rod is rated as “heavy,” we have no hassle flicking a weightless Senko with it. It also excels with Carolina Rigs and mild jigs, however, what certainly makes it flexible is that it’s a strong performer with shifting baits like Chatterbaits and squarebills, too. Is it ideal for the ones lures in all situations and for all anglers? Possibly now not; however, if you’re ready for your first top-rate stick and need it to cover loads of bases, this needs to be your preference.


  • Super lightweight
  • Ergonomic, comfortable cork grips
  • Time-tested design


  • Not inexpensive

Abu Garcia Jordan Lee Spinning Rods

Key Features

  • 3/16 to 5/8-ounce lures
  • Winn Grip split grip handle
  • Eight guides plus a tip

Jordan Lee proved his skill in various fishing strategies while gaining two Bassmaster Classics earlier, turning thirty. He represents the more youthful generation of anglers who enthusiastically adopt extraordinary tactics notwithstanding financial boundaries. This rod displays that adaptability exactly. This rod is our first option whether or not we’re considering drop shooting, Neko Rigging, or using a mild crankbait like a Shad Rap. Its performance is on par with a lot of extra high-priced rods, and relatively, we discover ourselves using it more often than we idea. The 6’10” medium-sized “Super Finesse” model is a choice for anglers looking for an even lighter finesse. Considering the charge range of less than $ hundred, deciding on each is a logical and inviting choice.


  • Suitable overall length for several presentations
  • The guide train technique makes long casts possible because 24-ton graphite blanks are exceptionally sensitive.


  • Some anglers dislike Winn Grips.

Fitzgerald Titan HD

Key Features

  • Lengths: 7 feet 6 inches, 8 inches, or 10 inches
  • Made to flip weights up to 3 ounces
  • Split-grip EVA handles
  • 10 guides plus a tip

Hailing from Florida, Fitzgerald Rods best bass fishing rod, is familiar with the challenges of thick plants and big bass. As anglers who regularly flip mats, we recognize that grappling with these factors is tough sufficient, but selecting the incorrect rod can add some other layer of difficulty. A poorly balanced flipping stick can lead to fatigue and, even worse, the chance of harm. In different phrases, no longer simply any broomstick will do.

The Titan HD stands proud as one of the fine bass fishing rods because those rods won’t put us out, yet they can deal with the near-quarters abuse of flipping strategies. With locking wraps to make sure the publications may not pull out and courses designed to prevent wind loops, these rods are built to bear. We significantly respect their ability to resist the challenges of probing the private cover with creature baits and attractive, unpressured fish. In our revel, this rod has yet to meet; however, most effectively, passed our expectancies, making it a top desire for critical bass anglers.


  • relatively light for such strong rods
  • Designed to be optimized with a braid, the balanced shape reduces fatigue even extra.
  • It is not designed for tossing round little weights.


  • Not intended for lightweight flipping

Dobyns Xtasy 723

Key Features

  • 7 feet 2 inches
  • 3/16 to 5/8-ounce lures
  • Full-grip cork handles
  • Nine guides plus a tip

Many anglers, particularly those leaning towards energy techniques, frequently underestimate the importance of an exquisite finesse rod. The Dobyns Xtasy 723 proves that investing in finesse is a sport-changer in bass fishing.

The rod’s 7 feet 2 inches duration and 3/sixteen to 5/8 ounces trap weight variety make it flexible, protecting various finesse strategies. The complete-grip cork handles provide consolation at some point during prolonged fishing periods, ensuring a secure and ergonomic grip.

Its first-rate crisp movement sets the Xtasy 723 apart, making it a pleasure to fish with. Top-class additives throughout and more vital Kevlar wrapping attest to the rod’s sturdiness and capacity to deal with diverse fishing conditions.

While a few anglers may remember the price on the higher side, the Dobyns Xtasy 723 is funding in pleasant. Its ability to atone for mistakes, as noted by the mythical seasoned Larry Nixon, showcases its forgiveness and accelerated sensitivity.

In precis, the Dobyns Xtasy 723 isn’t always just a fishing rod; it’s a tool that elevates your finesse recreation. Whether you’re flicking a Senko beneath docks, drop-shotting timber, or hover strolling for smallmouths, this rod consistently proves its worth, making you a higher angler with every cast. The Dobyns Xtasy 723 deserves a prime spot in your arsenal if you are extreme about finesse bass fishing.


  • Swift action
  • Superior components wrapped in Kevlar for added strength


  • It’s possible to obtain two or three good rods for this amount.
  • It’s viable to obtain three top rods for this sum of money.


Ultimately, choosing the best bass fishing rod, whether or not you possess two dozen, is undeniably a surprisingly personal choice. Yet, at its core, it revolves around two fundamental questions: How can I grow my chances of having extra bites? And how can I reduce the instances of losing hooked fish? 

It is essential to scrutinize every component meticulously, ensuring that the attraction of aesthetics in the store does not mask any shortcomings in terms of sturdiness or sensitivity. I even have regularly observed myself pleasantly surprised, figuring out that rods I to begin with left out turned out to be my most dependable and effective bass fishing partners. Remember, the suitable rod for you will only sometimes be the most apparent desire, and exploring specific alternatives can lead to discovering the suitable rod that suits your particular options and fishing style.


Are spinning rods appropriate for bass fishing?

Spinning rods excel in casting mild lures, finesse programs, and drop shooting. Baitcasting rods, then again, are well-acceptable for correct, long casts and supplying the electricity wished for combating fish.

What must I consider when choosing a bass fishing rod?

When selecting a bass fishing rod, healthy it to the sort of lure and method you plan to use; for instance, a rod designed for throwing ned rigs might not perform nicely for flipping 1-ounce jigs. Similarly, a stiff rod for driving hooksets on a Texas-rigged trojan horse won’t be suitable for fishing a squarebill crankbait.

What is the most appropriate rod length for bass fishing?

For versatility across numerous fishing scenarios and techniques, a medium-heavy, 7-foot to 7-foot three-inch rod is ideal for bass fishing. This length affords the ability needed for unique packages, making it a dependable desire for bass anglers.